Big Game Hunter Kendall Jones Interview on News Talk 1290

Here’s an Interview with Kendall Jones on News Talk 1290. Kendall makes a remarkable statement about the criticism of hunters. (Trophy Hunters like to call themselves HUNTERS) She exclaims that if she doesn’t like something, she simply ignores it. We should do the same, if we don’t like it, ignore it. “Why voice your opinion? No one cares!” This is one rare case were if you’re not old enough to drink, you shouldn’t be speaking publicly. Alcohol may have helped her make more sense.

If this were a real interview with any integrity there would have been some serious questions to ask. Instead she had to be lead through the interview with biased commentary.

Kendall, what you’re doing may be legal, but it’s unethical and morally wrong. Just having to lie about conservation and only taking out the weakest animals diminishes your argument. I’ve yet to see a sick mangy animal taken by a Trophy Hunter. Somehow you all end up with the biggest, strongest and healthiest of each species.

Kendall we looked up conservation and we tend to agree with David Suzuki, Johnny Rodrigues, Animal Planet and many other Wildlife Authorities. Big Game Trophy Hunting is not Conservation. In contrast, Ducks Unlimited focuses on Conservation. They build, expand and protect wetlands and marshes so that water fowl can prosper. They invest in the environment and wildlife habitat. The consequences of their actions is a healthy duck population to hunt. Big Game Trophy Hunters simply kill without ever investing in Habitat and Wildlife Conservation. The consequences of Big Game Trophy Hunting is continuously diminishing animal populations in the wild.

We Will Never Turn a Blind Eye to Senseless killing and the destruction of our Natural Heritage.