(ABOVE IMAGE – As you can see, Director Dan Ashe is no stranger when it comes to embracing lobbying from SCI’s elite – Photo Source SCI)

Please send the letter below to Mr. Dan Ashe, Director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. It is time We, The People, have transparency and a clear explanation of our Government’s handling of the the Walter Palmer case (The illegal killing of Cecil the Lion). A very big Thank You is extended to Leslie Young of Los Angeles, CA for composing this letter. We encourage you to send it and share it with all those interested in this matter.

You can also TWEET Director Ashe for answers :


Director, Dan Ashe
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
1849 C. Street, NW, ROOM 3331
Washington, DC 20240
Telephone 202-208-4717


Dear Mr. Ashe:

It has now been well over a month since the world learned that American dentist Walter Palmer killed the now iconic Cecil, a collared lion who was part of an Oxford research project. There is global outrage that this issue remains unresolved, and Palmer’s actions have gone unpunished.

The government of Zimbabwe called for his extradition to face charges for poaching Cecil; however disingenuous, there was still a public statement calling for Palmer to face charges of illegally hunting this lion. The two other hunters that accompanied him are already criminally charged in Zimbabwe.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife stated that there is an “ongoing investigation” in this case. However, since making this statement at the beginning of August, the Agency has issued no further public statements. It is as if USFWS and our government hope that the public will forget about Cecil, that public fury will fade. It has not, it will not.

Mr. Ashe, as Director of a government agency it is your responsibility to be accountable to the U.S. taxpayers who fund not only your position, but the agency as a whole. We ask for accountability.

ABC News 20/20 did a report on this case, and by evidence they presented, Walter Palmer appeared to have poached this lion. Palmer had a history of behaving as if above the law, receiving a felony conviction for illegally hunting a bear and trying to cover it up. He settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for over $125,000. His ethics deserve close scrutiny.

I echo the thousands who ask that you and USFWS charge Walter Palmer with the crime of poaching Cecil. Poaching is illegal in this country as it is in Zimbabwe, and justice would be served by honoring Zimbabwe’s request, by instead of extradition, prosecuting Palmer in the U.S. Courts.

Please note that I am aware that you have ties to Safari Club International. For once, do not allow politics, the hunting lobby, and an argument of “hunting is conservation” interfere with prosecuting a clearly unethical and illegal hunt.

WALTER PALMER COMMITTED A CRIME. The world is watching to see how the United States handles this fact. The United States must show that it is still the world’s greatest democracy, that no citizen, however wealthy or influential, is above the law.

Very truly yours,

Your Name

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  1. Can someone help me. How can I add my name and address to the letter to Mr. Ashe? I can’t find an edit button to do so. I have a Samsung S4 Smartphone. I was going to send the letter electronically to him. Thank you.


    • You will need to cut and paste the text onto your own letter. This letter is only there for convenience. Feel free to adapt it to your own personal needs. We legally can not add your personal info for you on this letter.

      It’s been reported that electronic correspondence gets put to the side so we suggest sending a written letter by mail as well.


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