3 comments on “The $200 million question: How much does trophy hunting really contribute to African communities?,

  1. Really, let’s protect wildlife there are many other ways to raise money that don’t involve the slaughter of innocent animals!!’


  2. All trophy hunting needs to banned irregardless of the money. If African nations are too stupid to protect these animals then all transport needs to be shut down and penalties need to be imposed on Africa as well as the hunters. Men are literally giving their lives to protect these iconic animals while trophy hunters kill for the thrill and to chop of the head of the animal to hang on the wall. All justification trophy hunters spew is complete BS. The killing of these animals will no longer be tolerated.


  3. This BS murder of these beautiful creatures so vital to the earth, needs to stop. I can’t believe Africa doesn’t wholly care about the magnofocent, diversity of life.


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